Do You Want To Be Well

When Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he had already been there a long time, he said to him, “Do you want to be healed?” – John 5:6

As a kid reading that verse I remember thinking Jesus to be horribly insensitive. Of course the guy wants to be healed, he’s sick and he’s laying at the pool where healing happens. But Jesus never wastes his words. He never says things simply to offend. His words are a pickax to break up the ground of our heart so seeds of life can grow. The older I get the more I understand the importance and weight of that stark question.

“Do you want to be well?”

There’s a cost to being made whole. Now I think it’s a much smaller cost than not being made whole. But there is a cost. For the man in the story it meant learning to walk again and finding a new way to make a living, which at his age was no small matter. For me it means laying down habits of hurry and surrendering scruples I substitute for genuine Spirit-led life. It means admitting that I can’t, despite all my efforts, heal myself.

What would you say if Jesus asked you that question? Our seven year old answered, “Yes!” I’m a little slower to respond. Today I’m sitting with the question again, not just for me but for our family.

Jesus, please grant us the courage to take you up on your offer and walk out the healing you offer.

A few years ago I wrote a song about this…

Meet the Morykons


We’re the Morykons—Brian, Joy, Lucy, Ramey and our new addition, Liam. The fab five as we like to now call ourselves. Joy and I, Baptist born and bred, encountered spiritual formation in our 20s at an Evangelical Free church. A few years ago we moved from Lynchburg, VA to our current location in Fort Mill, SC—to take a swim in the charismatic stream, as I like to tell people. It’s been quite the adventure.

It’s popular in charismatic churches to pray for revival. And right they should: we need to be revived. But what’s often not described is what a revived life looks like. You may find yourself in need of a defibrillator to jolt you back to life. But afterward (one hopes!) the heart beats on it’s own. That’s why we’re doing this Good Dirt devotional. We want to walk out revival, to do sustainable soul exercises that keep the heart of our family healthy and makes us feel alive, awake and free.

People who visit our home say it is a place they feel God’s peace. It’s not always peaceful here, of course. We fight, cry and each try to get our own way. But we’ve done our best to cultivate an unhurried life and make room for each other. Joy is a creator and artist, often knitting, sewing or painting. She’s a natural at cultivating creativity in kids, and I’m always amazed at the artwork that awaits me when I arrive home from work. And me? I’m a web designer, songwriter, worship leader and recovering perfectionist. I’m graced with a super flexible schedule that I often take for granted, but I am reminded in this moment how much of a gift it is.

That’s a snapshot of us and why we’re doing this. Thanks for joining us on the adventure.