Getting past getting on

A beautiful reflection from our friend Brian. “My todos can wait. God is in all those things, too, but how much more is He present in this little community of God-imaged beings around the kitchen table?”

Good Dirt Families

Family devotions. Exercise. Dentist appointments. In the past all those things were in the same category, stuff you know is good for you but that doesn’t sound like a good time. Thankfully our family is getting into some life-giving rhythms that elevate family devos out of that mix.

But sometimes I still slip back into going through the devotion-motions. My wife and kids have a sixth sense for sniffing out when I’m in obligation mode. In those times everyone get restless at the table. Thumbs fidget. Frowns abound. We all know I’m just trying to plough through it so I can “get on with life.”

Any move towards goodness means encountering resistance. Family time is no exception. In the past I’ve overcome this resistance through brute force of willpower. As you can imagine this is no fun for anyone involved. But there are areas where willpower can be used that…

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