SQUIRREL! (Or, Dealing With Distractions)

Honesty and humor is my favorite combination. Last year the Weyel Family blogged about distraction. Enjoy!

Good Dirt Families

Wow. Keeping a five-year old’s attention is a chore. At least it is with our little dude.

We’ve been trying different ways to help him listen to Good Dirt devotions. Sometimes I start making things up during the reading to see if he notices (“then Peter got on a motorcycle and started doing wheelies!”) His sister thinks it’s hilarious, but usually it goes over his head. One night we tried offering him M&M’s if he could answer questions based on the reading. But mostly we just say stuff like “Are you paying attention?” “Stop squirming.” “Get off of your sister!” “What did I just say?”

I figured it would get better after he got into the habit of daily devotions, but alas, three months in we’re still dealing with distractions every night. Not unlike the dog from Up.

It’s hard to help everyone keep focused night after night. I…

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