These Things Take Time

An excerpt from Good Dirt: Advent, Christmastide and Epiphany

This time of year is the busiest. Gifts to buy, parties to attend, food to make,and that is in addition to work, school and kids. On our continent, creation has taken its cues from the earth and is slowing down.


During Advent the first signs of winter come. The trees are brown, animals are hibernating, and the sun sets earlier. There is more dark than light. Dark gives the signal to our bodies—slow down, reflect, and savor. It never makes sense to go against God’s already established rhythm. 

Advent is waiting time, where the air is literally pregnant with the presence of God. Like all pregnancies, too much stress and strain is not good for growing. So slow down, make the space each day to watch and wait as your family grows with Mary’s belly, ripe with the Christ child.

I encourage you to change gears this year. Get off the holiday treadmill, and savor these quiet moments of Advent.

Say “No, thanks,” to a few invitations and responsibilities, “I’ve got a baby to wait for.”


What would it look like to choose a slower pace this season?

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