A Father’s Blessing


Since my eldest finished Kindergarten, I’ve started the tradition of writing a letter to my kids at the end of each school year.

It’s written at an age-appropriate level so they can read it themselves which, in the early years, was a fairly simple undertaking–a recap of some of their accomplishments and a reminder that daddy loves them and is proud of them. But Lauren just finished 3rd grade and her reading comprehension is growing rapidly, as has her ability to grasp deeper emotion and meaning. So naturally, the letters have gotten a bit more involved.

In this year’s letter I talked about the fun we’d had this year. I talked about how brave she was to sing in front of her class, and how good of a writer she is becoming. But I also talked about growing up–how I want to enjoy every moment of fun together, but I also want to help her grow into the strong, confident, smart and beautiful woman she will one day become.

Our church has recently started a new curriculum called Homefront, and I noticed this past week that the take-home sheet includes a suggested blessing for you to speak over your child. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the Biblical practice of “the blessing” – words a father would speak that would impart a sense of purpose and meaning.  There is power in speaking that kind of truth into someone’s life, to declare God’s truth and to speak words of hope, purpose and value over them. It’s even more powerful when you are speaking over your child.

So I’ve committed to figuring out how to do this, to give my children a blessing. And my first attempt was this year’s letter to my soon-to-be fourth grader:

May God fill your days with abundant joy. May you trade worry for peace, knowing that He protects you and guides you. May you be filled with His Spirit, and may you share His love freely with others.

And may you always know that both your heavenly and earthly fathers love you very much.

What about you? I’d love to hear how others have learned to speak a blessing over their children.

One thought on “A Father’s Blessing

  1. This is such a good post.Your kids are blessed to have you as their father. They will cherish your letters for the rest of their lives.

    The idea of speaking a blessing is new to me, but my wife and I strive to encourage.

    Mark and Family

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