Spring has sprung!

This has been a trying season! We are small business owners and winter is never easy in that area. Mike and I are both dreamers and see that grass is greener elsewhere. We feel safe and together in our little living room or kitchen and just doing our thing, Cooking, eating, playing games, doing our family “bible study”. Sometimes outside of our walls the world is overwhelming.  Quinn is our rock, unwavering in his goals and dedication to his passions. Kadin is our comic relief, always a light! Isabella is our up/down/all around girl, quick witted and sweet. We wonder if our “crazy” is affecting them. We wonder if they will learn about God or know Him. Sometimes we even forget to pray for them that they will grow in their Christ-likeness. One of our mottos for parenting is “what is walked is caught what is taught is not.” What are they catching? Then fear creeps in and accusation that we are bad parents etc etc etc.

However, 4 times in the past week I have been blown away by my kids and reminded why we do Good Dirt.

1. Quinn heard about a friend that was sick and said to me “We need to pray for her!” I agreed and he said “NOW!” So we stopped doing our daily chores and prayed.

2. Kadin told me that during a birthday party at our house with 10 kids they stopped in the middle of the orchard in the middle of the game to pray for a friend that had broken his leg. I was amazed and blessed by their faith! Their instant faith in these situations.

3. Quinn said he would like to be baptized. Us not sure that he understands asked him why and what it means to him. He responded that “It is when you are poured into the water and blessed because Jesus loves you and you want to love Jesus.” Yet again I am blessed by his simple and profound understanding of God.

4. When we picked up Isabella from a week at camp and were asking about her time, she of course talked of the friends she connected with. This can be difficult for her. I probed further and asked what did God speak to her. She said that God wants her to be humble. That it will help her have better friends and keep them and to share about Jesus more and better.

These are things I attribute to our Good Dirt devotions. The training of our minds to look for opportunities to pray and see God in everyday life. These are the things we teach our kids (despite our “squirrel” tendencies) and they in turn demonstrate and teach us.

One thought on “Spring has sprung!

  1. Yes, Kaiser has been stopping in the middle of things and asking to pray for people who come to his mind, too! This is recent and I have no doubt it’s from our daily exercise in holding life up against Jesus’ teachings.

    Quinn’s response to your question on baptism brought tears to my eyes. He is such a beautiful kid and I miss him. So much.


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