An 8-Year-Old’s Thoughts on Family Devotions


We’re about a quarter of the way through our year-long experiment doing family devotions together (almost) every night, so I thought I’d check in with our 8-year old, Lauren, to get her take on how it’s going. Here’s what she had to say.

What’s your favorite part of Good Dirt so far?

I like answering the questions you ask, because I like knowing the answers. Knowing the answers makes me feel good.

What’s your least favorite part?

That we do it during dinner time, because I have less time to do the dishes.

Which activity do you remember most?

Cutting off Daddy’s ear! We were acting out the part in the story where Judas betrays Jesus and the one guy cut off someone’s ear. I was pretending I was Jesus and Jon was the one who cut off the guy’s ear. Jon used his sword and pretended to cut off Daddy’s ear, then Daddy threw a fake silly putty ear on the ground and started  screaming and yelling “Ahhh, my ear got cut off!” I was supposed to heal his ear because I was pretending to be Jesus but I was laughing too hard.

You’ve done quite a few drawings for Good Dirt. Any of them stand out?

I remember making a picture of a horse. It was when they were getting a pony for Jesus to ride on. Jesus was riding on a pony because it was Palm Sunday.

What’s one thing you remember learning  from Good Dirt so far?

Learning that Jesus heals people, even people who interrupted Him. Jesus loves everybody.

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