Uh oh! Not quite…

We start the evening “Ok… lets say the Lord’s Prayer together…” then I hear “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want…” oops… not what I was thinking. We giggle and try again.  What’s your favorite bible verse?…”Jesus! Praise the Lord and helps the kids!” and  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only forgotten son…” uh oh again!  I  say  “What do you want to grow in your life?”  “Love? Joy? Lettuce?” Lettuce?!? Really?  These are just a few of the things we hear with our discussions about God, the bible, fruits of the Spirit, life with God and the kingdom. But we keep on keeping on.

Through our daily Good Dirt readings we have learned to look at our days and remember how and where God was. Even when sometimes we didn’t recognize Him.

I am so very blessed when Isabella prays for someone at her school to “walk in God’s light.” She attends a school full of the last chance kids. I’m not even sure she is aware that her words radiate light in that very dark place to kids from very dark homes.

Last night, our question was “when were you worried today” and watching Quinn identify where and how God helped him through that moment…that is good.  He is such a thoughtful kid, he tends to worry. For him to be able to recognize, even late, that God was there is so encouraging.

When Kadin says “Jesu(th) is with me! Jesu(th) love(th) me! Jesus help(th) kid(th)”… we remember what its all about. Our kids are being raised in church, in the word, in daily devotions, in daily prayer, in regular bible studies etc. They get some things wrong… but a lot right.

I am always learning God’s heart as I grow with my kids. I re-learn those simple truths such as Jesus is with me…in this moment…in this dark place…and is so very gracious when I have it wrong. Thank you God for giving us these 3 lives to show us the way to your throne room and your living breathing kingdom.

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