How Do You Communicate?

Welcome to the year 2014!

First Snow 115

A new year either brings a wash of excitement and hope for what might be or an overwhelming list of what is yet unaccomplished.  I suppose it depends on which side of the bread you put the butter.  Apparently, I prefer my buttered bread scrambled, because this year has brought both to me and I’m still not sure which will take the upper hand.  I’m taking one day at a time.

With the 12th day of Christmas upon us, our celebratory routine will change.  School times change, focus changes, work schedules even change. The only thing that won’t change is our rhythm of devotion.  I have been ‘good’ at sticking to the rhythm we established, but I’ve swung back and forth between feeling at peace with these times together versus feeling like it’s all in vain.  It can be hard with an energetic 4 yr old.  I feel like I tell him to respect people -while they’re praying- more often than I tell him about the God -to Whom- we pray.  It bothers me.  I’m not a resolution kind of person – if I falter one little bit I give in completely, so I don’t set myself up anymore.  But I do have an ongoing hope that has hit the fire this winter.  I want to point my son to Jesus.  And if our conversations, prayers and readings will do that, I will carry on.  If they’re getting in the way, though, I need to change my method of communication.

And talking about communication, here are some ways in which my son communicates:

1)  We’ve been talking about how Jesus takes care of us and looking for things throughout the day that can remind us of that.  I always ask Kaiser for his input, so I let him come up with a suggestion of what ‘thing’ or ‘action’ might trigger his memory.  He didn’t have to think long before he suggested burping.  Yes, burping.  And being a mother who doesn’t often have a better suggestion…… we went with it.  Interestingly enough, he and I burp enough throughout one day to be reminded of Jesus’ care -a lot-!  You know, it works.  And since God was the one Who came up with the idea of burping in the first place, I really can’t tell my son that it’s not polite.  It really helps to live in a country where you don’t have to say ‘excuse me’ after such action, too.  Instead, we say, “Thank you, Jesus, for taking care of me!”

2.) We ruminated on Psalm 23 recently and walked through the Psalm’s journey in our imagination.  In case anyone was wondering, Kaiser can use his imagination with his eyes open.  And, indeed, there was the Lord walking beside him through the valley of death.  After we’d gone through the Psalm’s journey a few times, I asked him what his favourite part was.

Any guesses?

It was His ‘bo’ staff.

Bo Staff<

It comforts me.

So with our imaginations in high gear, we press on seeking and searching…..looking for even a glimpse of Him.  We cherish hope and stand against fear – together.  My kind husband, curious son, and I.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Communicate?

  1. Wonderful! There may come a time when Kaiser has a beard and you’re a long-distance call away when a burp will again remind him of it all.

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