Meet the Liebenthals

Liebe Family Shot 10-2013

We are the Liebenthals.  We currently live in Gwangju, South Korea, but we have known many homes.  If there is one thing we’re consistent in, it’s exploring.  We love to explore.  We also love cheese and chocolate milk, Hot Wheels and legos, robots and dinosaurs.  But those are shifting loves – they change with the seasons.  You know how it goes.  But to explore is to enjoy life.  Oh, the anticipation of what’s around the next bend!

As the mother of this home, I must confess that part of the joy in exploring for me is the way it leads you off the beaten path.  Away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle of city life.  Away from the visual and adible noises and into the quiet.  Sometimes it’s difficult to locate the direction of ‘quiet’ here.  But God knows my inner compass and he placed us on the very edge of our great city.  Right up against a hill with trails and rice paddies and cuckoo birds and deer.  My heart is full of thanks for this divine gift.  The gift of quiet and the gift of paths that wait to be explored.

My husband’s joy in exploration includes teaching our son how to respect and respond to the surprises that await them.  From catching fish they’ve never seen before (not even in books!) to saving worms stuck on the pavement.  From saying a kind “hello” to the Grandfather who affectionately touches our son’s face to moving away from the boy who likes to push.  From how to set up camp for the night cooking your food over a fire to how he can choose a good coffee shop.  But I think one of my husband’s favourite parts of exploring is the path that leads back home.  There’s nothing quite like returning to a safe, quiet, comfortable place.  Ours happens to be 250 sq. ft. – I think diplomatic real estate agents call it a “cozy” home.

Our son enjoys his Taekwondo classes and his homeschool Sonlight classes.  He loves meeting up with friends to play at their house or ours – or better yet at the park.  And, although he’s recently been asking for a car, he’s usually a real trooper when it comes to hiking down to the bus stop to get into town.  He’s a good walker and he loves to talk while he walks.  He’s very connected to family and often talks about those he loves.  I’ve been thrilled to find his father’s humour bubbling out every once in a while, too.  He’s every inch his father’s boy having only inherited my brown eyes and inability to wake up quickly.

We are excitedly awaiting Advent and looking forward to our hearts’ exploration through the Church Seasons with Good Dirt.  As we take steps around our neighbourhood and into the forest, we are always looking for God.  As we visit with friends, we look for Him there, too.  My heart’s prayer has been that this special time of navigating our way through the Church Seasons will grow a more tenacious longing to see God.  It will be fascinating to see that path light up as we share our findings on this blog along the way.  Happy Trails!

2 thoughts on “Meet the Liebenthals

  1. I love reading your life Tamara! It’s so up lifting. Sounds like you are doing well. Can’t wait for the next blog. Until then….xoxo

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